4 Repost Tokens Social Media (For Business Accounts Only)

4 Repost Tokens Social Media (For Business Accounts Only)

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4 Repost Tokens Social Media (For Business Accounts Only)

This purchase is permission to repost FOUR of my artworks from my Instagram (@gardenofherwomb). 

This purchase is exclusively for Business Accounts ONLY, who would like to repost my artworks on social media to promote products, events or simply use it to draw attention. 

This is not a physical product. Upon presenting this token and proof of purchase, I will send you a digital download of the artwork you have chosen. Please note the resolution and format of the image will be suited to social media and not for any other use.


  • $15 AUD for x1 Repost
  • $25 AUD for x2 Reposts
  • $40 AUD for x4 Reposts
  • For custom repost bundles, email gardenofherwomb@gmail.com

If you have a Personal Account you may repost my artworks by following the "Repost Rules" below.


Terms & Conditions

Repost Tokens are exclusively for social media only. A token does NOT buy you the rights or permission to...

  • Use my artwork outside of social media (NOT on websites or blogs etc.)
  • Sell my artwork in any way or use it for any commercial purposes or profit
  • Distribute or print my artwork in any manner
  • Use this artwork for flash sheets or be sold in tattoo shops

All Business Accounts reposting my artworks for business purposes without purchasing a Repost Token will be immediately reported to Instagram for intellectual property violations. This is ILLEGAL. If you have any questions, please contact us. 

Thank you in advance for being an ethical business that supports artists!  


Repost Rules (For Business Accounts with Repost Tokens and Personal Accounts)

You may repost my artworks under these conditions...

  • Credit the artist 
    • Include my Instagram handle ( @gardenofherwomb) clearly straight after the caption. Do not hide within hashtags or at the bottom of a post.
    • Tag me in the post. 
  • Do not edit the image in any way
    • Do not add filters, crop the image, remove anything (such as my name), add anything (such as your own name).
  • Within Instagram stories, you do not need a Repost Token. You may add whatever you like to the story as long as it can be traced back to myself as the artist. If you share directly from my profile, the work can easily be traced back to the owner.